Frequency Equilibrium Koan released 2.5.2021

Frequency Equilibrium Koan is a 1977 recording of an extraordinary concert of Michael's music atJoe Lee Wilson's New York City venue, The Ladies' Fort, performed by an extraordinary quartet: Michael Gregory Jackson (guitars & percussion), Julius Hemphill (alto saxophone), Abdul Wadud (cello), Pheeroan aKLaff (drums). Featuring 40 minutes of music and liner notes by Michael and guitarist Bill Frisell, Frequency Equilibrium Koan offers listeners a priceless opportunity to experience a key moment in NYC's long lost Loft Jazz Scene of the 1970s, with Michael at that scene's heart.

Frequency Equilibrium Koan is a communion of loft jazz musicians who weren’t just among the best of their time, but of all time. Accordingly, the music isn’t of its time, either. As Frisell marveled, “I can’t believe this happened more than 40 years ago. It sounds like the future.” - S. Victor Aaron - Something Else Reviews - January 29, 2021 - Link to full Review below
Michael Gregory Jackson