folks, lively, living divergent lives,

meandering streams, outflows birthed,

currents of sacred grace, pouring,

every which way, from love

miscellaneous parts,

hands, eyes, feet & hearts,

we see, learn life, movements,

steps & starts, answers,

question marks & smarts,

map your charts

rise up, be there, in your space,

beyond the clouds, speak up,

be strong, be proud, know, for sure,

you belong, get focused,

get up, yes, take a bow, ​

you’re flying now

aware, in here, effervescent bursts,

hope exceeds control, regardless of shadows, ​

specifically, continuously, create, see,

what we are, how we feel, who we be

inside the notes, inside the groove,

inside the heart, inside, music

night flowed softly in a silky shiny satiny skin,

waves so smoothly spun, a rising gentle smile, spirals,

swirls awakening, sweet velvet kiss of sun

ts right now, I sit and I write, call all you good people ​to join in the fight,

turn away from this darkness, put an end to this fright,

we’re all stepping up now, ​way up, towards the light

music is the conduit, the sphere

and the bond that unites us.

here it is, now, a new day,

old yesterday is gone,

as today will be tomorrow

stand up for what is true,

this is what we do,

you stand up for me,

I stand up for you

sometimes, when the day has ended,

when night has come, we see it then,

what we’ve done, who we’ve become

awoke this morning, feeling calm, grateful, ​

completely light, within every breath,

all things connected, the world expands.

everything is brighter, ​

when the light is on...

is the light on?

one, three, two, four, ​

everybody reach for more

crossed my mind, another thought in time,

a veritable gold mine, take it to the bridge,

stick it on the fridge, somethings got to give,

live and let live, ad lib, on your mark, ready set go,

on with the show, make it up as you go,

go with the flow, ​when you find it you will know

spirit resides in places where faces do not exist

tricky, cool, picky, present, poised, unfettered, nimble,

sharp turned, right here, right now, particularly found,

peaceably intentioned, tenacious, tuned in... where you been?

a day, anew, a wish, for you,

discover, all, you’re here to do,

for all, which guides you, to be true

force of inventions, vibrant intentions,

roaring, raging, light, flood sensations,

slashing, slicing, honed, sharp directions,

creating, changing, replacing conventions

I prepare for sleep, I think about the minutes,

all about the day, all about the night,

I think about tomorrow,

what will I dream tonight,

I think about the years,

about the steps that led to now,

I think of all the people I have known or loved,

what I wished I’d said or done,

I think does life have a reason,

I think I do not know,

I turn off the lights, I rest my head, ​

open my eyes, ​

and stare into the darkness

fires hot blazes red true,

oceans cool flows deep blue,

mountains stone is stand still,

skies high moon stars thrill

stillness, silently sits, saying nothing

a day, anew, a wish, for you,

discover, all, you’re here to do,

for all, which guides you, to be true

above the rooftops and the mountains is sky,

up we go, beyond,

towards more than that we know

music is the glue, creating the bonds that unite us,

it brings us deep into the truth of our existence,

and together we go, expanding,

ever towards the light within, freely floating,

flowing in the vital universe of love and peace

sparks drift from the fire, recollect your names,

bathe in the currents of the rivers of change,

and you’ll see, breathe in the beauty,

revel ​in your will to be free

uproot war, plant peace!

in my path an owl lands, stood stone still for a spell,

standing tall, two feet or so, as far as I could tell,

I stop, I stare, I’m mesmerized,

by it’s beauty and sheer size,

round eyes open, ​wings spanned wide,

smooth, silent, swiftly rise,

up into the twilight sky,

so fast an owl flies

miscellaneous parts,

eyes, feet, hands and hearts,

we see, learn, life arts,

movements, steps and starts,

answers, question marks & smarts,

map your charts

everything is brighter when the light is on...

is the light on?

effervescent bursts, intent exceeds restraint,

see, consistently create, how we feel,

what we are & who we be

again and again, waves splosh in, ​

cycles flow, over and over, rippling time,

it's another beginning, there is no end

open heart, open mind, be connected, be free

Michael Gregory Jackson